Beachcroft - A Seaside Homestay in Dapoli

Once a house on Palande beach, now a popular homestay

The story begins when two families decided to share their experience of Konkan with everyone. A summer beach house was then converted into a homestay. The idea was to give everyone a feel of the local life, minus the hassles of a commercial establishment. Unlike hotels and resorts, a homestay offers a more personalized experience. A homestay, what the west popularly defines as a bed and breakfast, is simply a family home converted into a hotel.

The family invites guests to come and stay with them while offering a rich cultural experience of the local life. There is a popular saying in Indian culture, “Athithi Devo Bhava”, which means the guest is God. We consider it an honor to have guests at our homestay and we love to go out our way to make sure their stay is comfortable and memorable. There is nothing like Indian hospitality and we make sure Beachcroft lives up to the name.

While hotels and resorts may offer you uber luxury, but it isn’t something you can find back in the city. A homestay is all about local living. No one knows a place better than the locals themselves. When you stay with locals you have access to information that you won’t find in any guide, brochures or travel websites. We make it our business to know the best places and the time to visit them.

Dapoli is a beautiful place much less explored by people visiting it. We know the best scenic spots, water sports beaches and places to shop and eat authentic Konkan food. When you are getting away from all the rush and clutter of the city, you would rather desire some peace and quite. Our homestay offers just that, peace and quite. Unlike hotels and resorts which are crowded most of the time, our homestay is your own personal space. And being a stone throw away distance from the beach it adds to the serenity with the cool breeze and the sound of the waves always soothing your senses.

With this vision, we decided to share our experience with everyone. So, if you are looking for some peace and quite and wish to experience the local life of Dapoli, our homestay awaits you.


For Inquiries Call: Mr. Girish Kamath – 9820524032, Mr. Jason Quadros – 9619713003