7 Reasons To Prefer A Homestay Over A Hotel

When you plan a vacation or a weekend getaway, what is it that you desire from the experience? A break from the monotonicity of the city life. A change of view from jam packed roads in a concrete jungle to a relaxing expanse of greenery, a clear blue sky and a long stretch of road winding across the landscape. From the raucous of vehicles to the sweet orchestra of birds chirping and wind blowing. A place where the air is so light that it puts your mind at ease and a collection of peculiar smells which take you back to your childhood.

Now imagine reaching your destination and checking into a homestay. A place which is someone’s home and is open for guests. A place which is peaceful and intimate, untouched by commercialization and has people waiting to welcome you in their humble abode, because they genuinely like having you over.

A homestay beats a hotel over many aspects of the entire experience and a few of them have been listed below to give you a fresh perspective on why you should choose the former over the latter.

“A place which is peaceful and intimate, untouched by commercialization and has people waiting to welcome you in their humble abode, because they genuinely like having you over.”

A Peaceful and intimate environment

While hotels might promise luxury and a bouquet of services, once you have stayed at a homestay, they tend to seem like a one size fits all concept. Where your options are limited to the budget range you are carrying. Homestays are more unique in this aspect as they are a part of someone’s home and carries that unique imprint of the owners which is visible throughout the property. Homestays have fewer guests staying over and don’t have the hustle and bustle of a typical hotel. This creates a peaceful atmosphere and isn’t that the reason why you chose to get out of the city life in the first place? Each homestay will give you a different experience, be it in terms of décor, food, staff or services, while the same cannot be said about hotels.

Lesser rules and more freedom

At a homestay you live by your own rules, provided there is no inconvenience to others, unlike a hotel which has many rules imposed on guests. There is more freedom with homestays as you can plan your itinerary as per your own travel goals. Roam around the property at your own will, find a cosy spot and sit with a nice book. Or take a late night stroll on the beach under the moonlight. If you feel like fixing yourself a midnight snack, you can just walk to the kitchen and make yourself something. Or if you are feeling under the weather you could request the staff to make you some warm ginger tea or get you some hot water. These small little things go a long way in making your stay so much more comfortable and memorable. There is so much more to a homestay than advertised.

Untouched by commercialization

A homestay is anything but commercialized. While you might end up paying through your nose for luxury hotels and then some more for every little activity that you wish you to do there, a homestay would usually have a broad costing for accommodation and food. And if you go for not so expensive hotels then you compromise on cleanliness and the politeness of the staff. A homestay, being someone’s home, is usually clean and well maintained. Every homestay is unique and carries the imprint and taste of its owner.

Get a taste of the real local cuisine prepared by locals

Hotels offer a standard menu which is specific to their brand and sometimes boast of having local dishes as well. The reality is that they have professional chefs in their kitchen which make good food no doubt, but it is sadly far from the authentic cuisine that is a speciality of that place. A homestay however, has a staff which is local and know their spices very well. Hotel food which passes for local cuisine is no match for a home cooked meal that has the local essence in it. Also, a homestay staff would have better knowledge of the local eating places which serve delicious food and won’t mind pointing you their direction.

A homestay is easy on your wallet

The most practical reason to choose a homestay over a hotel is the cost factor. It is usually half compared to the latter and doesn’t come along with hidden costs and tons of other taxes. At a homestay you pay for the accommodation and food you consume, if it is already not included in the cost of staying there. These days most of the homestays have all the basic amenities that hotels have to offer.
Another reason to prefer a homestay is if you are travelling with your complete family pack or if you are a large group of friends then a homestay would be far more economical than a hotel, where the cost of having a large group make the cost rise exponentially. So, why go to a hotel and pay more?

Don’t just visit a place, connect with it

When you go and stay at a homestay you become a part of the family. You can sit with the hosts and other guests and talk for hours. Listen to their stories and experience and share a few of your own. You meet new people and form bonds with them and the place. Unlike in a hotel where you venture out during the day and then come back to your room and are mostly confined to it. When you stay at a homestay you experience the destination as it should be experienced. The entire experience changes you as a person and your outlook on life in general.

If you truly wish to experience the essence of a destination a homestay is a place which you should try, if you haven’t already.